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Happy Easter and April Sunshine :)

Well haven’t we been blessed with some lovely weather, long may it continue and hope you enjoyed the rather strange Easter weekend - it was nice to relax a little more than usual, hey.

We have enjoyed delivering to lots of lovely new and existing customers around the Dartmouth area. One of the very few upsides of lockdown, being that traffic is light for Simon.

We have spent the last two weeks finding our feet and now feel it is time to expand our delivery area. We'll now be delivering to the Totnes area on Wednesdays and to Kingsbridge area on Thursdays. To see the full list of all the villages that we are able to deliver to, please visit our Orders & Deliveries page. (Our existing deliveries on Tuesday and Friday to Dartmouth and surrounding villages will of course continue.)

With this lovely warm weather, we are seeing more local fruit and vegetables becoming available, so our Green Grocers box will move with the season. English Asparagus and Jersey Royal potatoes are on the horizon ( a real favourite with Simon and I), and we'll add these onto the website when they become available.

I would love to hear from our customers with feedback on our products, we will be expanding the website and any suggestions would be welcome - although not guaranteed :)

On a personal note, I have been enjoying time on the family farm and have taken over responsibility for four bottle fed lambs. My twin daughters have named them Bob, Rose, Rosemary and Daisy, my father is waiting with bated breath for a delivery of vegetable and herb seeds to populate the veg patch, so it's going to be a busy time on the farm.

As luck would have it we have been able to secure a delivery of runner beans and strawberry plants, these are all planted and looking forward to the next day of (dare I say it) rain.

Keep well everybody and Bon Appetit x

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