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Welcome back and hello to normal British summer weather!

It would appear we have everything mixed up, welcome to April showers in June, would just love to kiss 2020 goodbye right now!

Hope everyone is still well, this will be lockdown blog number 6 and we must thank everyone for their continued support.

We have been hard at work sourcing new products for the website, many of them products we use in our everyday cooking hence we would love to share them with you.

Maldon sea salt, in our opinion the best sea salt flakes, light and easy to crush, a sweet salty flavour. Quince paste from Spain, perfect with cheese and can be added to sauces for a deep sweet taste. Dijon mustard 1kg in a Kilner jar, what is a ham sandwich without a mustard hit? The product that keeps giving even when it’s gone with a lovely jar ready to


We are continuing to add fresh products all the time, our ‘Cream Tea for 4’ is perfect for an afternoon treat along with our delicious pork and apple sausage rolls. Our quiches have also been a great hit with customers, Smoked Salmon & Asparagus is the firm favourite but all 3 have been getting rave reviews.

With Father’s Day on Sunday and the weather picking up, it’s a perfect opportunity for a picnic on the beach, click the link below to see our Father’s Day Bundle.

News from the farm, we are re planting salad now the first batch has been harvested. The first home grown courgettes have just been picked and tomatoes in the greenhouse are starting to turn red. The bottle-fed lambs are thriving and happy the grass is growing again (the only positive of rain). Early next week we will begin to wean the main flocks of breeding ewes, this will lead to a very noisy week here with the lambs calling for their mothers.

Keep safe and well everybody and bon appetit x

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