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Stepping into May!

As I write this I look out of the window and see dark grey clouds laden with rain moving across the horizon, for most, this sad change of weather is unwelcome, I on the other hand am thankful. The fields of sheep that surround us are already looking green and luscious, our runner beans, potatoes, carrots and salad will be enjoying the change and the trees are starting to sprout beautiful fresh green leaves. May truly is my favourite month.

Simon has been enjoying the new delivery runs finding houses and hamlets unvisited by us before, waving to new customers from a safe distance a strange concept for sure.

Check out our new selection of Jams, Marmalades and Jelly’s they are stunning :) Waterhouse Fayre are based in Tiverton and pride themselves on using local fruit growers. They have won numerous awards including 3 Taste of the West golds awards last year.

I have been putting together some wine matching notes with Jonathan & Suzie from Michael Suttons Cellars ready for the May Bank holiday weekend, watch this space.

We are still working on stocking more local and artisan products to complement our range of ready meals; any recommendations please do let us know.

On the farming front, we now have 8 bottle fed lambs, having all but finished lambing this number should not rise. The additions are called Bruce, Dumbo, Aladdin and Gerald again named by my twin daughters. We feed them 3 times a day first thing, lunch time and before bed, always a feeding frenzy!

My Father's seeds arrived and we have been planting away with great merriment now we are looking forward to harvest time.

Keep safe and well everybody, Bon Appetit x

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